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  Self-Paced Online Reiki Courses

Whether you're just starting your Reiki journey or you're an advanced Reiki practitioner looking to expand your Reiki practice, Reikiversity offers an variety of Reiki courses just for you

  Live Online Reiki Courses

Prefer a live class to a self-paced environment? Multiple times a month we offer live online courses where you can learn Reiki in a live, online webinar environment.

  Looking for a Reiki Practitioner

Search our graduates to find a Reiki Practitioner near you or a practitioner able to perform a distance Reiki Session.




Why ReikiVersity?


When Dr. Usui started his Reiki journey he performed Reiki on the homeless with the hope of changing lives. While things didn't work out the way he planned he didn't give up on Reiki! Now almost 100 years later Reiki has been responsible for helping countless thousands of people. Like Dr. Usui, we believe in the power of Reiki and are working hard to make it available to all.

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