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We are soon to be the No.1 site for Reiki courses.

When Dr. Usui started his Reiki journey he performed Reiki on the homeless with the hope of changing lives. While things didn't work out the way he planned he didn't give up on Reiki! Now almost 100 years later Reiki has been responsible for helping countless thousands of people. Like Dr. Usui, we believe in the power of Reiki and are working hard to make it available to all.

ReikiVersity was created by Bettina Elizabeth, a Master Reiki Practitioner that has studied multiple forms of Reiki including Karuna, Kundalini and the Right Hand Path. Like her teacher, she is a firm believer that Reiki should be available to all because Reiki is in us all. It's all a matter of becoming a clear channel for and being attuned to Reiki. 

Bettina Elizabeth is not only a Master Reiki Practitioner, she is also an Omsophist, Alchemist and Mystic. She is a Master Mindfulness practitioner who has also studied CBT, REBT and color therapy. Prior to dedicating her life to the betterment of others she was an accredited small business consultant and worked in IT. She is also the founder of Alkhemystix, an online marketplace for mystical, magical and metaphysical products and services as well as Omsophy, an apprenticeship school to help individuals find themselves and find their paths. 




Meet the instructors of ReikiVersity. Our instructors have years of experience in many different studies of Reiki.
Our instructors believe in Reiki just as our founder and just as Dr. Usui and have a passion for Reiki and its unlimited possibilities. 
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